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Uphill Rush 6

UpHillRush-6The Uphill Rush 6 in the latest release form the Uphill Rush games featuring action packed activities that include riding horse, bikes and motorcycles and even jet skis. The game is composed of ten maps for a person to play with the odd numbered maps reserved for time trail while the even numbered maps contain races with the computer. In addition to the increased number of maps the games also features bonuses rounds and race your friend events.

One can purchase better vehicles during the game play by simply collecting enough money through each map to facilitate the expenditure of buying the new outfit. The game includes two bonus event and the first one is unlocked by simply completing the odd numbered maps from 1to 5 while the second bonus event is also unlocked by finishing the even numbered maps from 2 to 6.

Uphill Rush 6 facilitates full customization of the racer by enabling you to choose the characters gender, clothes and the clothes colors. Most of the games outfits are locked and one can only unlocked them by collecting the required game money and also completing the map courses. The game is sensational due to it providing different types of auto mobiles like ponies, skate boards and even dirt bikes.

The race your friend event in the game enables one to invite friends in Facebook to play the predecessors which is the uphill rush 5. You will be able to challenge each other to find out the better rider and after all the essence of a game is winning and losing.

The character in Uphill Rush 6 starts the game with five lives and can also pick up extra lives as he gets high scores. The game is very enjoyable especially for children aged 6 upwards because it does not involve violence and thus parents don’t have to worry about what their kids are playing.

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